Photo: Jamie Valdez/USA TODAY Sports

These days when the offseason is coming there are a lot of speculations around the Portland Trail Blazers veteran forward Carmelo Anthony and the near future of his career.

According to Evan Massey of NBA Analysis Network, if a ten-time NBA All-Star leaves the Blazers, the Los Angeles Lakers could be his next home. 

“The Lakers seem like the most likely landing spot for Carmelo Anthony if he leaves Portland in free agency,” a source told Massey. “Both sides have a high level of interest in each other.”

This past season, Anthony posted 13.4 points per game while shooting 40.9% from deep. As Sports Illustrated’s Mike McAllister noticed, Melo’s “shooting ability off the bench is exactly what was missing from the Lakers in the 2020-21 campaign.”

Although he is not the same caliber player he was a few years ago, on the Lakers Anthony would still attract extra attention from opponents and that would give more freedom to LeBron James and Anthony Davis offensively.

To sum up, adding a three-time Olympic medalist to L.A.’s leading duo would definitely make the Lakers one of the favorites in the Western Conference in the coming seasons.

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