Kyle Lowry Lakers
Photo: Ashley Landis/Associated Press

The Los Angeles Lakers should be ready to pay a lot of money in order to sign either Kyle Lowry or Lonzo Ball.

According to John Hollinger of The Athletic, the Lakers should make lucrative offers to both stars in order to persuade them to sign with the team.

“Teams are likely to pump the brakes well short of a max contract on Ball. Something in the range of four years and $100 million seems a more likely ceiling given the offensive concerns; that’s already spendy for somebody who can be the third-best player on a good team but probably no more than that.

This is the strongest market ever for former Grizzlies point guards. As with Mike Conley below, age will be a factor: Kyle Lowry is 35, so we’re probably looking at a two-year deal in the $50 million range,” Hollinger reports.

Ball will be a restricted free agent this offseason, while Lowry will be a free agent. For their part, the Lakers will be in search for a top guard, with Dennis Schroder likely leaving the 2020 NBA champions.