Kyle Kuzma vs Devin Booker
Photo: Barry Gossage/NBAE via Getty Images

Los Angeles Lakers could not surpass the Phoenix Suns in the first round of the playoffs during the season. Kyle Kuzma, who faced them several times this year, believes they showed the chemistry to go all the way to the Finals.

The Lakers’ forward recently spoke out, via Bleacher Report, on his upcoming social media series Hanging with Kuz. He spoke about the similarities between Phoenix and last season’s Lakers.

“I saw them as a potential Finals team just off their chemistry,” Kuzma said. “Last year with us, we had unbelievable chemistry and everybody kind of jelled and knew their role and had fun doing it, had fun playing with each other.

I noticed playing them, that same type of feel. Everybody was communicating, talking, having fun, smiling with each other. Usually, when you have a team connected like that, you win big.”

The Lakers will need to make adjustments and stay healthy to find chemistry and play again at a high level as the Phoenix Suns did this season. Only then, they will return to title contention.