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Anthony Davis speaks to the media about the Los Angeles Lakers’ 109-95 win over the Phoenix Suns in Game 3 and how he and LeBron James are starting to hit their strides at the right time.

  • 0:00 Anthony Davis says the team felt the crowd and it was great to play in front of fans in the playoffs.
  • 1:34 Davis says him and LeBron James are finding their groove at the right time coming back from injuries.
  • 2:44 Anthony Davis says guys were talking all game but didn’t like the Devin Booker foul on Dennis Schroder.
  • 3:42 Davis reflects on the team’s overall performance and if this is the best they’ve looked all season long.
  • 5:43 Anthony Davis goes in depth on the discomfort he felt throughout the game and how it wasn’t enough for him to sit out.