LeBron James, Alex Caruso
Photo: David Zalubowski/Associated Press

Alex Caruso was one of the top performers for the Los Angeles Lakers in a play-in game win over the Golden State Warriors. The 27-year-old guard played 30 minutes during which he scored 14 points, grabbed 3 rebounds and dished 2 assists.

After the game, LeBron James was asked what makes Caruso show up in big games. “His attention to detail,” the four-time NBA champion said. “He’s just very smart, knows what he wants to do. Always in the right place at the right time. He just makes plays.

“Some of the show up in the boxscore, some of them don’t but tonight they definitely showed up in the boxscore. He pretty much carried us in the first half offensively. We just had to match him in the second half.”