Sports journalist Jason Whitlock shared his thoughts on the recent videos posted by former NBA player Kwame Brown. Former number one draft pick unloaded on fellow retired players Stephen Jackson, Gilbert Arenas and Matt Barnes for their comments about him on All The Smoke podcast.

According to Whitlock, what Brown said on video was one thousand percent correct. He then talked about what he thought about Barnes and Jackson, whom he knows personally. “Kwame Brown’s rant about Matt Barnes rings so true to me. And I’m not cheerleading Kwame Brown because I have some major problem with Matt Barnes or Stephen Jackson or any of this ’cause I don’t,” Whitlock said on Politickin’ podcast.

“or Stephen Jackson or any of this ’cause I don’t. These are young people, younger than me… To me they are stupid. They stay high all the time. You start arguing or bickering with idiots that are high or drunk and trying to be tough guys, you make yourself look like an idiot. What I’l give Kwame Brown credit for.. everything, I wish the guy didn’t say the N-word as much as he did that’s my only critique of anything he said. Everything else is one thousand percent accurate.

“These guys, these tough guys and these emotional guys it’s all feminine energy and that’s what Kwame Brown was getting at Becky with the good hair and needing counselling… Matt Barnes does need counselling. And I say that in all seriousness. He’s got anger issues, he’s got identity issues. Kwame Brown calling that out I thought was terrific.

“And I think that, again I like Stephen Jackson, I think his heart is in a good place. But if I was to translate what Kwame Brown was saying, it’s like ‘Hey man, your actions they’re idiotic and you can’t be Black Lives Matter, George Floyd one minute and I’m high on a popular podcast and I’m tough guy and I’m a gang banger the next minute. You can’t do that.'”

Brown’s one-hour rant video:

Full episode of All The Smoke podcast with Gilbert Arenas: