5 ways to make your body basketball ready. Source: Unsplash

Basketball is by far one of the most engaging games that requires a combination of both a fit body and a tactical and strategic mind. Keeping this as a base, it is not surprising that only a few are chosen to play professional basketball. However, whether professional or not, there are few things all players need to keep in their mind so they can be trained to be good at their game. Here are 5 ways players can train themselves to ace their basketball skills.

1.   Hit the Gym

One of the most important requisites for a player is the necessity to remain in good shape. Playing basketball requires a lot of energy as the entire body is exerted. A basketball player needs to run, jump, throw and stretch. All of this will not be possible if the body is not in good shape. Experts suggest working out 3 times a week at the gym to maximize output. Suggested workouts include sets of bench presses, lat pull downs, squats and leg presses, suspension training and all such similar workouts that target the entire body. Also, for better results, include two days of sprint endurance and agility work. In all of this, it is important not to work out consecutive days as the exerted muscles need time to heal, repair and build.

2.   Healthy Eating

A well-balanced diet as in every case is also important while training to be a good basketball player. Since Carbs are the main source of energy, it is necessary to include whole grains and fruits in a meal. Also, because of extreme exertion both during workouts and while playing, it is important to include a lot of protein as it helps for recovery. Thus, meat, seafood and dairy are an absolute must in the diet chart. Since protein aids in building muscle and in bodily recovery, many professional athletes go for protein powders and some go for these other alternatives to gain the mass and strength required to bring your A game on the court. At the same time, remember to reduce sugars, unhealthy fats, artificial foods, and hydrogenated oils. Another tip to healthy eating is to eat every few hours. Eating in fixed intervals compliments the intense workout sessions.

3.   Train the mind

A good basketball player trains not just his/her body but also his/her mind. This is because the game requires strategic thinking and the courage to face losses. It is important that players learn not to fear failure and rather use it as a learning experience to improve overall as a player. Learn to eliminate excuses, stop blaming others for not being able to play well, remove negative thoughts and learn to accept that not everything is in your control. This way of training the mind goes a long way in helping the player to focus on acing the game.

4.   Study

That’s right. Even playing a game needs the player to be well read. A good knowledge about the game is critical to understanding the skills and fundamentals required for the position that the player wants to play in. Furthermore, every player needs to understand that basketball is a team sport and, in that light, know how best to contribute to the team. Also, an added advantage for upcoming basketball players is that there are umpteen number of websites available that players can use to improve their game.

5 ways to make your body basketball ready. Source: Unsplash

5.   Effort matters

Having kept all of the above in mind, what should now be of topmost priority to the player is to put in their everything, their 100%  to train for the game. First of all, invest some money into having a good kit inclusive of good shoes to avoid any possible injury during the game and also to provide support for the ankles. This is important because playing basketball involves a great deal of running and jumping. Secondly, apart from the regular workouts, players must warm up each time before playing so that there is no unnecessary strain while playing. Keep laziness far away and stay in shape by not skipping the workout sessions and having healthy meals. Most importantly, be dedicated to the practice sessions. Feed yourself with positive information and manageable workout regimes from the internet like Total Shape to keep yourself goal oriented while training your body.

Focus on improving passing, dribbling and shooting especially with your weak hand so as to reduce chances of losing. Practice shooting from different positions to build confidence while playing. Also, be willing to accept criticism from those experienced in the game. A willingness to learn nature goes a long way in making a player different from the others. Learn from mistakes and to follow examples set by coaches and even by opponents. In short, never stop learning, keep growing, stay dedicated and who knows one day you might become an NBA player!