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Former NBA champion Richard Jefferson made a bold comment on the Gilbert Arenas podcast, saying LeBron James is a better scorer than Michael Jordan.

Jefferson, who now serves as a sports analyst on ESPN, played alongside James in Cleveland through 2015-2017, including the championship winning season in 2016.

Sports analyst Skip Bayless found his comments on LeBron as an attempt to get the Los Angeles Lakers star on his podcast rather than a fair assessment.

“Richardson Jefferson is now kissing back up to LeBron, on the Gilbert Arenas podcast, saying LeBron is a better scorer than MJ was. RJ obviously needs LBJ back on HIS “Trippin'” podcast. So transparent. So absurd. You have an open invitation to join me on “Undisputed,” Richard,” Bayless tweeted.

As far as numbers go, Jordan averaged 30.1 points per game, making 49.7% field goals, 32.7% three-pointers and 83.5% free-throws. Meanwhile, James is averaging 27 points, while making 50.% field goals, 34.5% three-pointers and 73.4% free-throws during his career so far.

For his part, Jefferson explained he cannot join Bayless on Udisputed which is hosted by Fox because he works for a competing network, ESPN. He also offered Bayless to come on his own podcast Road Trippin.