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Cleveland Cavaliers are expected to apply for a hardship exception in hope of re-signing Anderson Varejao to a celebratory contract, per Chris Fedor of

Cleveland has several players out due to injury, and teams can apply for the hardship exception if they have four players who have missed at least three games due to illness or injury and will continue to be out at least two weeks.

Varejao is one of the players that made real impact οn Cleveland being part of the team that haδ multiple deep playoff runs and one Finals appearance in 2007.

Varejao was part of the Golden State Warriors, when the Cavaliers claimed their first NBA title in the history of the franchise in 2016.

The decorated veteran has played for the Cavaliers and the Warriors in 13 years of his NBA career averaging 7.3 points and 7.2 rebounds in 627 regular-season games.