Doc Rivers Joel Embiid
Photo: Yahoo Sports

Joel Embiid is a transcendent talent and a valuable part of the Philadelphia 76ers success the last few seasons. The only downside for Embiid is his availability as he experienced several big or small-scale injuries since he entered the league.

Sixers’ head coach Doc Rivers talked on the process of deciding if Embiid will be available to continue play in a game claiming that the coach shouldn’t have any say in the process.

(via Sixerswire):

“I literally don’t get involved in it,” he said. “I think it’s a bad place for coaches to be because we would tell them to play all the time. I think is a lot smarter to allow people with far better knowledge than me to tell me he’s good, he can play, keep going. It’s made it easier for me as well.”

“I’ve learned long ago until someone tells me, one of the trainers, I’ve gotten out of that guessing game if you know what I mean,” said Rivers. “It’s our trainers and our medical people’s job to tell me ‘hey, get him out or he shouldn’t play’.”

Embiid missed Saturday’s matchup vs. the Bucks, while he was able to return vs. Oklahoma on Monday. He put up 21 points in Philadelphia’s 90-121 win over OKC to help his team snap a four-game losing streak.