Pau Gasol FC Barcelona
Photo: EuroLeague Basketball

Pau Gasol shared his excitement for making his official debut with FC Barcelona on Friday night.

Gasol spent 13 minutes on the floor in the loss of FC Barcelona to Bayern Munich at home (72-82), posting nine points and four rebounds.

“I am happy to be able to be back on the court, compete and have a good feeling. First of all, I am trying to get in game rhythm at a key part of the season, with very important games.

Each game will be important from now on. But I am happy, very happy that I played today after more than two years. I didn’t even expect to feel so well. It is an important step forwards and now, I have to keep working with the same energy and willingness to do better in the next game.

My teammates are also excited and trust me. I hope to carry on and make the best decision in every situation, for my shot or creating a good shot for my teammates.

This is what we have been doing in practice for about a month. I have to keep on doing that and take it to the court during games. Each player has to contribute and be important, contribute what he has to. I will be available for Saras to contribute what I can,” Gasol told reporters afterwards.

Gasol is expected to have more playing time for FC Barcelona in the El Clasico with Real Madrid on Sunday (11/04) and in the EuroLeague playoffs, which start on April 20.