Shaquille ONeal

A video that surfaced online on Tuesday shows Shaq paying for a random person’s engagement ring at a jewelry store. Known for his charitable acts, the TNT analyst was recorded handing over his credit card to clear a very lucky guy’s bill on an engagement ring he had purchased for his girlfriend.

The gesture was brought up during Inside the NBA this week, with Shaq revealing he had gone into Zales to get some earrings when he overheard the young man asking how much he owed. He immediately handed his card to the cashier to take care of the bill in full.

Shaq said the man did not want to accept the generous donation but he insisted. “I’m into making people happy,” he pointed out.

The former NBA center claimed to have also done something similar for a lady at a furniture store the previous day as he tries to perform a good deed every time he leaves the house.