Lakers President Jeannie Buss. Photo by Brad Graverson/The Daily Breeze 03-11-15

Los Angeles Lakers have returned to the league’s upper echelon since the time LeBron James brought his talents to LA. The Lakers’ governor Jeannie Bush revealed how James’ words motivated her to improve the team.

In a recent appearance on Robert Horry’s podcast, Buss revealed that her talk with James in the first season motivated her to help him get the team back to the top of the NBA.

(via Silver screen and roll):

“The first time I had dinner with him in his first season, he said he knew obviously about the Lakers growing up and everything, (but) he said he did a really deep dive into what the Lakers were all about and how my dad built the team and built the business, and he said ‘you know, it’s really such a compliment to you that your dad put you in charge.

It was something that he really cared about… Make sure you keep it that way.’ Kind of motivation to remind me of how great in the 32 years that my dad owned and ran the team, they only missed the playoffs twice.

And here we were going on five, six years without being in the playoffs. It was really not the Laker basketball that Dr. Buss had envisioned when he left the team in a trust to the family.”

Since then, the Lakers added more star power to their roster including Anthony Davis, who arrived in LA via trade the next summer.

With Davis and a strong supporting cast of veterans, James led the LA franchise to its first title since 2010. Now, the Lakers are hoping to repeat this season.