Photo: Brooklyn Nets/Twitter

LaMarcus Aldridge made his first statement as a member of the Brooklyn Nets as he agreed on joining the team earlier this week.

Aldridge talked on his role with the Nets, the star-studded roster and his fit with the team. The veteran big said he’s no longer chasing individual accollades.

(via ESPN):

“I’m not here to be an All-Star. That’s not what I’m trying to do. I’m just trying to bring the value, try to bring the things I’m good at and trying to help this team win. I’m not worried about being an All-Star anymore.”

“I mean, if you could start, you’re always going to start. I think anyone that’s competitive will say, yeah, they want that and they’re going to fight for that, so I’m definitely trying to do my job and hopefully I get it.”

Aldridge is expected to make his debut next week for the Nets, who added another former All-Star to their front-court rotation.