Andre Drummond Detroit Pistons
Photo: Bleacher Report

Sports analyst Skip Bayless maintained his position that he tweeted after the Los Angeles Lakers signed Andre Drummond. He expanded on his thought on the latest episode of UNDISPUTED. According to Bayless, LaMarcus Aldridge is a better basketball player than Drummond.

“I got Clippers over Nets in the Finals and I’m sticking to it. LaMarcus Aldridge is a better basketball player than Andre Drummond,” Bayless said. “When he gets going from about 15-ft he is absolutely lethal. Drummond doesn’t have any of that.”

The co-host of UNDISPUTED also thinks that Drummond not having experience of playing for a contender could do harm. “I want to everybody just let this sink in that Andre Drummond has played in the shadows of this league for years. He’s 27 years of age now.

“He’s played in 8 playoff games all for the Detroit Pistons. In those games he was 20 of 55 from the free-throw line. Think about that: 20 of 55.

He missed 35 free-throws? 35 free-throws in playoff games? This is your savior? This is the you trust? He shot 36% in those 8 playoff games and I won’t even mention that one NCAA tournament game that he played in and lost and scored 2 points.”