LaMarcus Aldridge
Photo: Eric Gay/Associated Press

Sports analyst Skip Bayless is not convinced that signing Andre Drummond was a wise move for the Los Angeles Lakers. According to him, a better choice would have been LaMarcus Aldridge who ended up signing with Brooklyn Nets.

The reason for that is Drummond’s poor playoff record. He has lost all of his eight playoff games which is not a good sign for the Lakers.

“Hail, Lakers “savior” Andre Drummond. 0-8 in playoff games while shooting 36% from the FT line. 0-1 in NCAA tourney. Now he’s under the NBA’s brightest spotlight. LaMarcus Aldridge would’ve been more valuable in this role. Good luck, ‘Dre. Pity you,” Bayless tweeted.

No matter what, you can expect that the Lakers will have a soap opera season, as LeBron’s career winds down and he chases Jordan’s Finals rings. Don’t forget that you can bet on NBA basketball with Colorado sports betting at BetRivers Sportsbooks in Colorado, as well as other legal states.