Aaron Gordon Orlando Magic
Photo: Fernando Medina/Getty Images

Orlando Magic could not put a stop to their losing streak falling to the Miami Heat on Sunday. The Magic could be out of playoff contention with many players being sidelined with injuries.

Orlando is on an eight-game losing streak since February 22, being six games out of the 8th seed and five games away from the play-in tournament.

Rival Eastern Conference executives believe the Magic should try to trade for draft picks and young players, since their season was derailed due to injuries in several major roster pieces, Jake Fischer of the Bleacher Report reported.

“They should sell,” an Eastern Conference executive added. “They own their first-round pick. If you can get that pick into the top five, and you’re adding back Jonathan Isaac and Markelle Fultz next season, all of a sudden things could look very different,” Fischer wrote.

Several teams expressed interest in acquiring forward Aaron Gordon. In particular, the Nuggets, the Timberwolves, the Warriors and the Rockets had notable interest for Gordon in the last few months, per Fischer.