LeBron James, Anthony Davis
Photo: Jeff Chiu/Associated Press

LeBron James thinks the All-Star break provided a much needed break for the Los Angeles Lakers in many ways. Coming off the shortest offseason in the history of the NBA, the reigning champions were showing signs of fatigue as the first half of season season was coming to an end.

“We definitely needed a break I felt like mentally, physically, spiritually whatever the case may be and son and so on,” the four-time NBA champion said. “Guys just kind of needed to get away. Get away from the game, get away from it all. Be with their families, be with their loved ones, be with their friends.

“Like I said, just kind of get away. get away from the game, get away from the grind and things of that nature. I think it’s going to benefit our team.

Obviously, only time will tell. We’ll see very soon as we have a game tomorrow night. I’m looking forward to this practice today. Just getting back to with the guys. Fresh minds. Hopefully, a lot of guys get so much rest that they got fresh bodies too. We’ll see.”

The Lakers continue their season later today against the Indiana Pacers. Los Angeles is currently third in the Western Conference with 24 wins and 13 losses, while Indiana is 10th in the East with a 16-19 record.