Jimmy Butler LeBron James
Photo: Douglas P. DeFelice/Getty Images

The Los Angeles Lakers are conceding 106.3 points per game, which makes them the second most efficient team in defense in the NBA. Only the New York Knicks are above with 105.2 points against per game.

Offensively the reigning NBA champions rank just 21st with 111.4 points per game. According to LeBron James, defense is what helped the Lakers win games when the offense was not working well.

“The fact that we’re so damn good defensively it saved us so far in the season because we haven’t been great offensively,” he said. “I haven’t shot the ball well. We’ve had high turnover games at times. We have been very inefficient offensively but we hang our hats on our defense. And that’s always gonna give you an opportunity to win.

“When you’re able to trust your defense, you’re able to get multiple stops throughout the course of the game which allows your offense to get into a rhythm. We want to continue to get better.

I feel there’s been times throughout the season where we weren’t as good. We’ve had some miscues that was our fault where we’ve lost some games because it was our mistakes. We have an opportunity to continue to get better. So looking forward to this.”