Antoine Walker
Photo: Elsa Garrison, Getty Images

Former NBA champion Antoine Walker responded to James Harden saying he has no credibility. In turn, the Brooklyn Nets superstar’s comments were in response to Walker, who said ‘you can’t win with his style.’

The Boston Celtics legend addressed the issue on First Things First. He started by listing his career accomplishments. “Let’s start first with credibility part… Twelve seasons in the NBA, I was the 6th overall pick in the draft. My numbers are 17.5 and 7 rebounds a game, won a championship with the Heat, won a championship in college with the Kentucky Wildcats, three-time All-Star, McDonald’s All-American, one of the first guys to have his signature shoe with adidas. Also, to add to that, I was on a cover of EA Sports video game. The list goes on and on.

“I understand James Harden came in the league in my last year, in 2009. So maybe he forgot. But I’m overqualified to give an opinion about James Harden,” Walker said.

Kendrick Perkins, another former NBA champion, while disagreeing with Walker’s assessment of Harden’s game, was critical of The Beard’s reaction, calling it too sensitive.