Devin Booker Phoenix Suns 2

Former Phoenix Suns scout, Antonio Williams, shared his thoughts on why Devin Booker fell to number 13 in the 2015 NBA Draft one the newest episode of 1-ON-1 with Basketball Network. According to him, Booker, who is growing into a superstar in the league, still has plenty of upside.

“Some underrated aspects of Devin Booker’s game: he’s more athletic than people think he is, he’s tougher than people think he is, and Devin loves basketball,” Williams said. “Devin’s the type that will go and play in a pick-up game somewhere. He loves to hoop. When we look at upside, we always attribute it to physical things. But there’s some other underrated elements of upside as well… Those are some underrated aspects of Devin’s game, and those are the things that have made him into a superstar.”

“I don’t think Devin has completely reached his ceiling. He’s a better scorer than what people give him credit for because people look at him, ‘oh man, he’s a great shooter’ — this dude is a scorer as well! One of the things where we’ll start to see that he hasn’t really mastered yet is really having those kill spots in the mid-post and scoring out of the post.”

Booker is averaging 24.9 points, 3.6 rebounds and 4.4 assists per game this season.