Steph Curry
Photo: Rick Bowmer/Associated Press

Fifteen years ago, Kobe Bryant made history by scoring 81 points in a single NBA game. Kobe’s former teammate Shaquille O’Neal was asked by Dan Patrick if he thought that any players could surpass 80 points. Shaq named five players.

“If anybody can do it, I think it could be James [Harden], Kyrie [Irving], KD [Kevin Durant], Steph [Curry], Devin Booker,” the four-time NBA champion said on the Dan Patrick Show. “Those are all the names that come to mind right now that could probably surpass that.”

When asked if he could have scored 100 points himself, O’Neal replied: “I would have to be shooting 75% from the three-throw line…I would have to have a great night. I would have to have a lot of three seconds calls not called. I would have to have a lot of easy points. And I’ll have to have no double or triple team. It would be possible.”