LeBron James
Photo: essentiallysports.com

At age 36, LeBron James is dominating the NBA averaging 25.7 points, 8.2 rebounds, and 7.9 assists per game. Father time seems to not exist when it comes to this man. Dwyane Wade and Gilbert Arenas think this might be the best version we have seen of LeBron James in his 18-year career.

Arenas’ statement on his podcast, No Chill: “I think because he’s getting slower and the athleticism is going down just a little, he has to play the game the smarter. This is like his best basketball.”

Wade stated: “I watch his game and say does he have a weakness in his game? I start from the rim all the way back to half court, he can do everything. He’s good at everything. As a fan, this is the best LeBron I’ve ever seen.

In his 18th season, LeBron is the leading candidate for MVP halfway through the season, fresh off an NBA title, and showing no signs of weakness in his game. The millions of dollars he spends a year on his body are starting to show their benefits, for sure.