Kobe Bryant
Photo: Keith Allison/via Wikimedia Commons

Kobe Bryant had his third highest-scoring game against the Dallas Mavericks back on December 20, 2005. The Los Angeles Lakers superstar dropped 62 points in three quarters, making 18/31 field goals, 4/10 three-pointers, and 22/25 free-throws.

Mark Cuban, the owner of the Mavericks, remembered the game. According to him, he wanted Kobe to be knocked down for what he was doing to Cuban’s team. Looking back, he admitted that Bryant could have scored way more had he wanted to.

“The way we were playing, I was like knock him on his a**,” Cuban said per Landon Buford. “Guys were looking at me like it’s Kobe, and it just happened. I think he could have scored a 120.”