Ex-NBA superstar Chris Webber expressed happiness after having recalled the Minnesota Timberwolves’ failure to hire his former Fab-Five buddy Juwan Howard.

Howard snubbed an opportunity to become the T-Wolves head coach back in 2019, choosing to coach his old Michigan Wolverines instead. Meanwhile, the organization let Ryan Saunders go this week, sparking outrage after they passed up on assistant David Vanterpool and other notable black candidates to hire Toronto Raptors assistant Chris Finch.

Asked about the coaching change, more so as it pertains to the lack of black coaches and owners in the NBA, Webber noted he can’t think of an industry where there’s significant involvement, in terms of ownership, by black and brown people.

“I’m just glad they didn’t hire Juwan [Howard],” he told Yahoo Sports. “They wanted Juwan to be a coach but I’m so glad for him that it didn’t happen because he probably would have loved that job.”

Juwan Howard overcome by 'tears of joy' at Michigan press conference
Via USA Today

The Timberwolves’ organization isn’t one that’s been garnering much respect in NBA circles and it appears Webber is happy his friend didn’t have to deal with its politics.