Photo: Jonathon Klein

NBA players are some of the finest sportsmen alive.

And I mean literally. Little wonder why ladies always drool over them, and guys admire them. 

If you don’t find them hot and sexy, you will find them tall and charismatic. However they come, they always seem to carry some sort of vigor with them.

If I’m to take a guess, I’d say there’s at least one NBA player you’ve been dying to meet in person – perhaps for selfies, autographs, or a meet and greet.

But with a schedule as busy as theirs and a mentality as rigid as theirs (hard work, hard play), if you don’t know how to play your cards, you might have to wait until forever before you get a chance to meet your NBA idol.

This article wants to teach you tricks you can use to meet an NBA player.

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Visits bars and clubs basketball players frequent

All your favorite basketball players have bars and spots they like to frequent. If you’ll like to meet a player in person, this is the first place to begin.

As the classy beings that they are, you’ll most likely find basketball players in some of the hottest, classiest, and high-profile clubs/bars in the city they play. 

Timing is, of course, important if you want to meet a basketball player at a bar or club because they don’t always stay too long. To know when a certain player will be on the ground, you can tip the doorman or bartender and ask them to hint you whenever your target player is around.

Attend live games and keep a spot for yourself

Another way to catch a player’s attention is by attending live games. Although NBA stars are taught to avoid eye contact with fans, most players still look at the crowd when they play because they enjoy the love and boost they get from their fans.

To get a player to notice you, you can make sure you have a regular seat you sit at most of the time. While sitting, make sure you scream the player’s name, say hi, wave at them, and do the crazy stuff that will get almost anybody to notice you. If you can, bring along placards bearing messages for your favorite star.

When the game is over, come back to the next game and repeat the same thing. Don’t worry; after a couple of attempts, your NBA idol will take notice of you and reach out.

Join your favorite player’s fan club

Plenty of NBA stars have fan clubs on social networks. In these groups, people come together to discuss the player’s performance, track their stats, and bask in the player’s achievements. 

Joining your favorite star’s fan club on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram can be a great way to realize your dream of meeting an NBA player.

Oftentimes, NBA players appreciate people in their fan clubs by organizing meet and greets, autograph sessions, or photography sessions.

Even if a player is too busy or un-inclined to host any of these events, people in the fan club can demand an audience with him. If you’re one of the most vocal in the group, this can be your chance to finally meet the man behind the dunks.

Join a cheerleading squad

This is perhaps the easiest of the tactics you can use to meet an NBA player. Everybody knows how close cheerleaders are to basketball players. By joining a squad that performs at local NBA matches, you increase your chances of one day getting to meet your idol.

However, you should know that it’s not an easy task becoming a cheerleader. You’ll face a lot of rejection, and discouragements, which is why we advise people to join the cheerleading squad from high school, and from there, they can work their way up to meet their favorite NBA star.

Use social media to your advantage

Lots of NBA stars use social media networks. If you don’t find them on Facebook, you will find them on Twitter, or Instagram, or YouTube. 

For fans looking to meet NBA players, social media networks represent a good opportunity for them to realize their dreams.

First, you’ll need to find out the handle of the player you’re looking to meet. Afterward, you’ll follow them and turn on post notification on their account so that anytime they make a new post; you’ll be amongst the first to see and comment on them.

Persistence is key if you want an athlete to take notice of you on social media. So you’ll need to keep interacting (like, comment, share, repost, retweet) with almost all their posts. 

With time, the player will notice you, and you could get a meet-up out of it.