Dennis Schroder LeBron James
Photo: Harry How/Getty Images

The Los Angeles Lakers are dealing without two starting five players in Anthony Davis and Dennis Schroder. Being without the starting point guard puts more responsibility on LeBron James who assumes the role of a playmaker more. After the Lakers were defeated by the Wizards, the four-time NBA champion was asked how missing Schroder affects his game.

“Well, it’s a different responsibility,” LeBron said. “Obviously when Dennis is on the floor, he’s a one of our primary ball handlers. When AD is on the floor, he’s one of our primary low guys where we give him the ball we allow him to work. So it just changes for all of us including myself. But it’s something I’ve done before. I can continue to do it.

“But I would much rather us be whole. I’d much rather our team be healthy and we playing whole basketball than me having to go out and be the primary all the time ball handler.

But right now it’s needed because how are we having some guys that’s and it’s needed for me to do that. I got to take responsibility of it. I can’t have eight turnovers and I got to make sure I put my guys in position to be successful.”