Sixers’ Joel Embiid explains the difference between this year and last season

Photo by ESPNStatsInfo / Twitter

Joel Embiid has been the most dominant two-way center this year being among the candidates to win the regular season’s MVP award.

The Sixers’ superstar explained what changed for him in comparison to his last season’s performances and how the game has slowed down for him.

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“It just shows how the game has slowed down for me,” Embiid said. “The only difference from this year and last year, it’s not so much about coaching, it’s more about me being willing to just dominate every single minute that I’m on the floor.”

“Last year, I was going through a rough time,” he continued. “It was just not there and also the moves that Daryl made, adding all that shooting, is also helping a lot. Like I said it’s not so much about coaching, it’s just about me just turning a corner.”

Embiid finished the contest vs. the Bulls with 50 points, 17 rebounds, and five assists to dominate the game in every aspect of it.

With Embiid on MVP mode, the Sixers won 20 of their 30 games so far this season leading the Eastern Conference with the best record.