Anthony Davis, LeBron James
Photo: Getty Images

Anthony Davis will be out of action for the coming several weeks due to an injury in his right Achilles. LeBron James was asked what it will be like for the Los Angeles Lakers to play without one of their superstars. Being in such situation is nothing new to the four-time NBA champion and he expects the other players on the team to step up.

“He’s going to be around, he just won’t be on the floor as far as game minutes. But he’s going to be around,” James said. “I’ve had big-time guys go down in my career. I had Chris Bosh go down in the first round of a playoff series and it took a while for him to come back.

I’ve had guys go down. Kyrie [Irving] go down with a kneecap injury, Kevin Love tore his shoulder, D-Wade went down before. I’ve had some big guns before go down.

You just have to rally around them, keep them upbeat. But also the guys that’s going to be in a uniform in the lineup they just need to step up their play. So it’s something that I don’t say I’m accustomed to because you never want to be accustomed to a player going down or a played having injuries, but I’ve been there before.”

This season, Davis is averaging 22.5 points, 8.4 rebounds and 3 assists per game for the defending NBA champions.