LeBron James
Photo: CBS Sports

Draymond Green recently made comments on the situation between Andre Drummond and the Cleveland Cavaliers by saying the players should get the same respect as a team when they want to be traded. According to him, in such situations the players are painted as bad guys for wanted to leave the team.

The Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James shared his thoughts on Green’s comments after his team defeated the Minnesota Timberwolves.

While trying to stay diplomatic, the four-time NBA champion concurred with everything that the Golden State Warriors forward said.

“I don’t want to get into it right now,” James said. “I mean, I have so many thoughts about it but I want to be very strategic on how my word is said so I don’t want to really jump into it much right now. But it’s the narrative of what the league has always been. From a team’s perspective they’ve controlled the narrative.

They’ve controlled the narrative of how the players should be, how they should act, how they should treat their organizations. And if things don’t go their way, they have a way of getting out the narrative that this person or that person is a bad fit or was a cancer to the team of whatever the case may be. So they’ve always controlled their narrative.

I think Draymond and a lot of us we understand that we would love to have change, we want change… Not even want change, we just want people to understand that it’s two side of the coin, it’s not just one-sided. Dray said it, I’m not going to piggyback anything that he said because he said it so perfectly and so engaging and he was so smart about everything that he said and I’m right with him. That is the way of the land. That’s how it’s always been and we want to be able to just have an opportunity to create and to be able to control our own destiny at times as well.”