The biggest basketball fiesta of the coming year now has its visual identity to match the anticipation as Euroleague Basketball proudly presents the new logo for the 2015 Turkish Airlines Euroleague Final Four, hosted by the Comunidad de Madrid at the Barclaycard Center from May 15 to 17.

A basketball net, the ultimate target for all players, will be the protagonist for this season’s logo. From the moment the season started, the common dream of all Euroleague players is to score the season’s title-winning shot at one of the Barclaycard Center baskets.

The Comunidad de Madrid has also been a clear source of inspiration for the international award-winning Greek design firm Designers United, which is already a Final Four classic after having designed the identity of five previous editions: Athens, Berlin, Paris, London and Milan.

The Comunidad de Madrid plays a leading role in the design, with a red M taking a central spot in the logo, but mixed with a W that represents the word “win”. The combination of the two – “Win in Madrid” — matches the goal of all teams playing in the Euroleague throughout the season.

With the new logo to guide them there, 13,000 fans will also be able to witness a new chapter of history in Spain’s capital. Tickets for the event will go on sale for general public on Wednesday, November 26.