Daily Gossip, Thursday 20/11/14 (video version)

A column with videos instead of words. Well, we figured you would appreciate that.


The Toronto Raptors are celebrating 20 years as a franchise. And one of its most exciting players to wear the vest, Vince Carter returned on Wednesday. His mother in her old court side seat and her son back in town as a Memphis Grizzlies player.

He is not the player that he was when he was thrilling everyone in Toronto, but the Raps wanted to make him aware that he is still loved by all in Toronto.

Then the Raptors went and beat Carter and the Grizzlies 96-92.


Surprised? We’re not.

Via the Journal Sentinel: 

“I think it really helped me to see what type of people I was dealing with, you know?” Kidd said. “To give me a fair chance to coach a team that had injuries, we make a big trade … But I think understanding that they did want to fire me in December, so it just shows what type of people I was dealing with.” Kidd said there was nothing so strange about him switching jobs and eventually being traded for a pair of second-round picks as compensation.

“The veteran guys I coached last year I had a great time with,” Kidd said. “Maybe not fulfilling our expectations of winning a championship. But we did come a long ways. We won a Game 7 on the road (in Toronto) and did a lot of good things. And it was a fun journey. Sometimes things don’t end the right way. Sometimes one side talks; the other side goes about its business. It happens. Coaches have been traded. I think Doc (Rivers) got traded from Boston. Was there a big deal made of Doc being traded? No, it’s just part of the business. We move on. Unfortunately one side hasn’t. But eventually both sides will move on.”

As for the New York media, Kidd had a question for the reporters surrounding him on all sides. […] “I didn’t promote myself for anything but to learn how to be a coach,” Kidd said of whether he tried to usurp Nets general manager Billy King. Billy is the GM; he’s put the Brooklyn Nets together. This is my second season. I had a very interesting first year as a coach. I thought it was kind of funny that you guys were marking down how many times I held the clipboard. Do you guys do that with (Lionel) Hollins? … Oh, good. Let me know how many times he holds the clipboard.”


Via Slam Online:

Stephon Marbury is just winning on so many levels right now. You have to give it to him. He’s been able to revive his career quite well in China after his notorious fallout with the New York Knicks in 2008. He’s won two Chinese Basketball Association championships, an All-Star MVP hardware and even had a statue dedicated to him outside of the Beijing Ducks’ arena back in 2012 after leading them to the CBA title. Now? He’s staring in a musical play about his own awesome life. Like, seriously.


Via Vice Sports:

What happens when you put an all-time great in the same room as an all-timer in the making? Find out in this VICE Sports exclusive, as two-time NBA MVP Steve Nash and reigning NBA MVP Kevin Durant share their childhood dreams of stardom and how they developed the mentality that led them to greatness.