LeBron James, Michael Jordan
Photo: espnplayer.com

The Los Angeles Clippers head coach Tyronn Lue was asked about the differences/similarities between the leadership styles of LeBron James and Michael Jordan. According to him, the two are rather similar.

“The same. They both wanted to win. They would do anything to win. Both of those guys did a great job of galvanizing the team and bringing everyone together,” Lue said.

“You would when you’re dealing with guys sometimes bigger than the game they kind of would stay to themselves and do their own thing but were very great at bringing everybody in and making everybody feel a part of him.”

The two-time NBA champion as a player and once as a coach led LeBron’s Cavaliers to their first title in the history of the franchise in 2016. He also had the opportunity to be teammates with Jordan in his Wizards days.