Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Photo: Twitter / The Undefeated

In his documentary, “Minority of One,” Kareem Abdul-Jabbar discussed how much of an impact Wilt Chamberlain had on his life. Kareem says he first met Wilt at the famous Rucker Park, located in Harlem. This was no ordinary meeting, as Kareem says Wilt was his “hero,” and after linking up, Wilt decided to show Kareem around the city. Kareem says Wilt “took him under his wing” from then on. Although Kareem enjoyed meeting his idol, he revealed jokingly, that some things Wilt did “bothered” him. He shared one of these odd encounters below.

“I got on an elevator with Wilt, and as the elevator was going down, some guy gets on and says ‘oh wow, how’s the weather up there?’ He said that to Wilt. Wilt spat on the dude and said ‘it’s raining.’ I was like ‘oh my god what is all of this about?”

Skip to the 12:30 mark the video to view the segment.