Danny Ainge reveals why Celtics chose not to chase James Harden

Danny Ainge Boston Celtics
Photo: NBA.com

The president of basketball operations of the Boston Celtics Danny Ainge gave an explanation of his decision not to chase the 2018 NBA MVP James Harden.

In his words: “It was just something we didn’t want to do. It wasn’t the time and it wasn’t the (right) price,” he said, via Brian Robb of Boston Sports Journal.

Moreover, he didn’t want to shorten his team’s championship window by trading for James Harden. This is what he added: “Under no circumstances if you’re Boston do you make any kind of offer that includes Jaylen Brown.

That was really the Celtics’ mindset for the last couple of months. There was no significant interest in a deal that involved Jaylen Brown. The Celtics are simply operating on a completely different timetable than the Brooklyn Nets.”