Tips for choosing the right sportswear

Exercise is very beneficial for health, both in the short and long term. Based on many studies, those who exercise regularly tend to develop healthy living habits, which in turn will have an impact on longevity. That’s why ex-athletes tend to live longer than the average person, especially those who are used to working in offices

Are you ready to start over? If you are ready to exercise regularly, you should understand that on your way, there are always distractions. These disorders vary, but the most striking is the comfort in exercising. One of the factors that determine comfort is sportswear.

Did you know that the clothing you choose for physical exercise is essential? Many people do not pay attention to the clothes they choose to go to training or practice sports, and the truth is that a bad choice can lead to various discomforts when exercising. Three characteristics to consider in a sports garment are functionality, durability and comfort; the mixture of these three aspects will result in the perfect kit to give it all in your training center.

Here are some important keys to make this decision:

100% breathable shirts: This functionality is very important to avoid overheating. For this reason, the material from which the shirts are made is key, and we must go to specialized brands to guarantee their quality. Don’t choose jerseys with “hot material” because they will interfere with your training. You may need to pay more for 100% breathable shirts but the benefits you will get are worth more than what you are already paying for.

The importance of sizes: Depending on the type of exercise we are going to do, the size of the clothes is key. If we are going to practice anaerobic exercises -short cycles of lifting weights or abdominals, for example-, the garments should not be too tight or too loose (in the first case they will be uncomfortable, and in the second we will have the danger of being entangle in machines).

Choosing the right footwear: A few months ago we published a specific article with some tips to help you choose the best footwear for exercising. Depending on the sport you are going to do, you should choose a model with some peculiarities or others, since they will favor your comfort and well-being. Don’t be careless in choosing, for example, you want to ride a bicycle but wear a basketball jersey.

Underwear: You have to pay attention to all the details, even if you think they don’t matter. It is useless to choose perfectly outer garments for the type of exercise you are going to do, if we later choose inappropriate underwear. Do not wear cotton underwear, as it does not promote perspiration and itching will appear later.

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