NBA players have a bizarre way of looking after themselves, don’t they?


In a desperate attempt to resurrect his NBA career and be a dominant force again, New York Knicks’ Amar’e Stoudimire thinks taking baths filled with red wine will help?

Apparently, bathing in red wine helps recovery by boosting circulation and shifting cellulite and other scientific-ish things that come with any odd health practice.


This picture says it all really.


What ever Byron Scott has said to Kobe Bryant over the last few days during “private” conversations, he has won at least one battle. Something few coaches actually do with Kobe.

Bryant, now 36-years-old will see his minutes reduced slightly.

Kobe has played 30 minutes or more in 14 of his 18 NBA seasons, the lowest of those being just under 34 a night during the 2010-‘11 campaign.

Via Lakers Nation:

Byron Scott said he’s discussed minute restrictions with Kobe. They’ve come to a number “between 30 & 40 minutes.” Scott wouldn’t say exact [number] 

Interesting thing about Byron/Kobe minutes convo: Scott said the amount of minutes Kobe proposed was actually less than what Byron proposed 


It took Stan Van Gundy to make Josh Smith realise it.

Be aggressive and go to the hoop more. Stop chucking up three-pointers.

Via the Detroit Free Press:

“I think Josh has a very good understanding of the shots he needs to shoot that are not only best for him, but best for our team,” Van Gundy said. “He’s one of the elite guys in the league around the basket. Last year, stuff inside, right at the rim, in two straight years, he has been 71% and 77%. There’s very few guys at that level. So he needs to get more of those. He knows that. He also understands he really doesn’t need to shoot threes for this team.  

“Will he get some? The other night, late in the shot clock, throw it back … you have to take that shot. He’s going to shoot some. It’s not a matter of number, one a game, less than one a game. It’s when are you shooting them? There might a game where he might take three.” 

“He has an understanding of how he needs to play for our team; it’s the discipline to do it,” Van Gundy said. “He’s a smart guy. He knows and he’s not trying to fight you about anything. We need to put him around the basket and at the elbow area, where he can use his strength.”