Photo: Eric Christian Smith/AP

The Houston Rockets called the Denver Nuggets among other numerous teams to gauze interest about a potential James Harden deal, per Mike Singer of Denver Post.

The negotiations didn’t gain any serious traction, as Singer reports. The Rockets’ interest was centered around Michael Porter Jr, while any deal would have to include both Will Barton and Gary Harris for salary fillers.

The Rockets are trying to find the best offer possible for the franchise, after James Harden demanded a trade last month. In any case, Singer reports that Jamal Murray was never included in any package from Denver, as the franchise views him as a cornerstone alongside Nikola Jokic.

Houston is demanding a young superstar along with strong draft consideration to agree to any trade regarding James Harden.

ESPN reported on Monday that the Nets, the Sixers and the Nuggets are among the teams that considered making an offer for the 2018 MVP.