Steve Nash
Photo: AP/Elise Amendola

Steve Nash opened up about what type of coach he expects to be in his rookie season with the Brooklyn Nets.

Nash said he wants to find balance between be ‘competitive’ and ‘under control’.

“I feel like I am just going to be a meme of Grant Hill for the rest of my life now that I’ve taken this role. I’ve thought about it and I want to say I’ll be under control and be more on the mellow side but that might be pretty presumptuous.

I’ve always been a bit fiery and emotional as a player and that kind of competitiveness and passion is really hard to subdue so we’ll see.

I feel like I’ll be reasonable over there but who knows how I will react well to the moment, be a little bit loud, and have to be able to adapt.

Find a nice middle ground where I can be passionate, emotional, and competitive sense but be under control,” Nash told reporters, via Clutchpoints.

Nash and the Nets are getting ready for their preseason opener against the Washington Wizards on Sunday.