LeBron James Kyrie Irving
Photo: Tony Dejak/Associated Press

LeBron James had nothing but good words to say about his former teammate and fellow NBA superstar Kyrie Irving.

James called Irving ‘one of the most talented players’ he has ever played with in his career.

“Ky is one of the most talented players I’ve ever played with in my life. The kid — I don’t even want to call him ‘kid’. He’s not a kid anymore, but back then, he was. He was a young kid still growing into his own, and the s— that he was capable of on the floor I had never seen before.

I had so much confidence in him. I actually told Kyrie, I told him at one point when we were playing together that if you were not a league MVP someday, then you were selling yourself short.

Because that’s how much I believed in him,” James said during his appearance on Road Trippin’ with Allie Clifton and Richard Jefferson, via ESPN.

James and Irving spent three years together in the Cleveland Cavaliers (2014-2017), winning the NBA title once (2016).