Chris Broussard gives suggestion how the Clippers can fix their “chemistry problems”

Paul George Kawhi Leonard
Photo: Twitter/NBA

Recently, reports appeared that the Los Angeles Clippers players were unhappy with the special treatment that the team’s two superstars received. Kawhi Leonard and Paul George reportedly had the luxury of choosing if and when to play. It went as far as Leonard and PG calling off practices.

This did not rub well with the Clippers players who thought that giving special treatment to Kawhi and especially George was detrimental to team chemistry. Some players have reportedly found it difficult to “buy in” to common cause.

Sports analyst Chris Broussard suggested that the new Clippers head coach Tyronn Lue could be a solution to the “chemistry problems”.

“The Clippers are fixable. If Ty Lue can hold LeBron James, the 2nd best player of all time, accountable, then he can do it with Kawhi Leonard and Paul George. Do they want to win more than get the super perks?” Broussard said on First Things First.