Stephen Curry admits it was ‘hard to watch’ the 2020 NBA Finals

Photo: AP/David Zalubowski

Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors missed the NBA Finals for the first time after five straight years (2015-2019).

The superstar of the Warriors admitted it was ‘hard to watch’ the 2020 NBA Finals, where the Los Angeles Lakers defeated the Miami Heat.

“It was hard to watch, but I did. It’s a little bit of everything. It’s me missing the game and just being a fan of the game and just wanting to watch good basketball.

It is a little scouting, in terms of what we need to go into next year to get back to being one of those two teams playing in the Finals. It’s a little nostalgia, too. We went five years in a row and I know the backdrop in Orlando was different, but it’s still the NBA Finals.

And any basketball junkie, whether you’re a player or a fan, tuning into that, it’s good basketball and it kinda gets you going,” the Warriors superstar told Jeff Neubarth on the “Callaway Gold Podcast“, per NBC Sports.

Curry and the Warriors are expected to return to title contention next season.