The International Basketball Expo is the first world-wide basketball convention featuring hundreds of prominent executives from the global basketball industry. On December 10th and 11th, it will an incredible and ultimate networking opportunity for brands, products, companies, federations, events, agents, coaches, administrators and other executives in the global basketball market.

The International Basketball Expo is part of the Geneva 2014 – International Sports Convention, an event that consists of 18 different sports related conferences and is the world’s largest sports business conference, exhibition and networking event, with a 4,000 sqm Exhibition Hall at Palexpo that will present the latest products, developments and trends all related to sport. It will serve as a hub for activity and information exchange, for two days of great sports networking, featuring over 2000 international sports business professionals.

Meet the International Basketball Expo Speakers:

Yvan Mainini – Former FIBA President
Opening Presentation and Welcome
Biography: Yvan Mainini is the former FIBA President from 2010 to 2014. He is also the former President of the French Basketball Federation (FFBB) from 1992 – 2010.

Jordi Bertomeu – C.E.O Euroleague
The Euroleague Growth and Vision
Biography: Jordi Bertomeu Orteu has been the CEO of Euroleague Basketball from July 2000 and its President since 2011. Bertomeu earned a Bachelor of Law degree from the University of Barcelona and he started his career in 1982 working as Legal Advisor and Secretary General of the Spanish Basketball Clubs Association (ACB), becoming ACB Vice President in December 1994.

Zoran Radovic – FIBA Sport Development Director
3 on 3 Developments in Basketball
Biography: Zoran Radovic is a former player at Wichita State University, Stella Rossa Belgrado and Alba Berlin. Zoran has been a high level FIBA executive for many years.

Huw Morgan – C.E.O England Basketball
Developments and Challenges of England Basketball
Biography: Huw Morgan is C.E.O England Basketball since November 2013. He has over 20 years’ experience within the sports industry, most recently having managed the International Rugby Board’s (IRB) commercial programs and overseeing a £50m increase in commercial revenue.

Pete Philo – Director of International Scouting Indiana Pacers
Scouting, Talent Identification and the International Influence
Biography: Pete Philo is one of the most respected figures in the NBA International scouting community, known as on of the best talent evaluators and for his revolutionary way of thinking. He is also one of the founders that create the Treviso Predraft Eurocamp.

Joan Manuel Carreras – Director of Business Development ACB
Growing Basketball in Spain
Biography: Joan Manuel Carreras earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Engieneering at University of Catalunya and started his career at ACB working on the statistical development. During the years, he became Director of Communication, launching the ultimate version of, and now he is Director of Business Development.

Karen Strahl – FIBA Senior Partnership Manager
FIBA Study Center
Biography: Karen Strahl has Bachelor of Political Science at University of Tel Aviv specialising in Business Administration. She is in FIBA since 2005, working at FIBA Equipment & Venue Centre, founded to help equip and increase the number of sports facilities throughout the world.

Giorgio Gandolfi – Giorgio Gandolfi – Sports Marketing, Events and Communication
Evaluation in countries without a tradition in basketball and a roadmap in improvement. Case studies: Oman and Qatar
Biography: Giorgio Gandolfi has a Bachelor of Law degree at University of Parma, and after a successful career ad a journalist, managing the FIBA Assist Magazine and Giganti del Basket, and sport marketer, working for Converse, he founded his agency Giorgio Gandolfi – Sport Marketing, Events and Communication.

Andrea Menozzi – Youth Level Teams Coordinator Grissin Bon Reggio Emilia
Organizational, educational and technical aspects of a Youth Level Sector
Biography: Andrea Menozzi is the Youth Level Teams Coordinator of Grissin Bon Reggio Emilia since 1995. He is known as one of the best developer of young talents, launching to the pros players like Angelo Gigli, Nicolò Melli, Riccardo Cervi, Ojars Silins and Federico Mussini.