Serge Ibaka
Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

Sports analyst Skip Bayless claimed throughout the entire last season that the Los Angeles Clippers would eliminate the Lakers in the Western Conference Finals. Even after the Lakers ended up winning the championship, he maintained that it was only because they avoided the Clippers.

Last season is done and both teams are building their rosters for the coming season. According to Bayless, the Clippers adding Serge Ibaka while the Lakers got Montrezl Harrell and lost Rajon Rondo and Dwight Howard, gives an advantage to the former.

“YESSSSSS: Clippers land Ibaka coming off a career year. He’ll be better than Trez bc “I-block-a” can rim-protect. Lakers will miss Dwight Howard’s physical paint presence and Playoff Rondo’s mental toughness. Both are chippy/edgy. Advantage: Clippers,” Bayless tweeted.