Luca Vildoza Baskonia
Photo: Euroleague Basketball

With Luca Vildoza and Alec Peters combining a total of 38 points, Baskonia defeated Panathinaikos, 93-72, on Thursday night (19/11). Panathinaikos was unable to find solutions in offense after the first half and will return back to Athens with zero wins.

Alec Peters and Luca Vildoza with 19 points each were the leading scorers for Baskonia with Pierria Henry adding 14 points. George Papagiannis’ double-double was not enough for the Greeks (11 points, 10 rebounds). Ioannis Papapetrou was the leading scorer with 17 points whilst Nemanja Nedovic added another 15.

The Match

The perfect start for Panathinaikos in the first minutes of the first quarter, with Nemanja Nedovic hitting the three to make some score for the Greeks (0-3). Turnovers from both teams in the first minutes of the game gave Panathinaikos the chance to get a small 5-point lead after a great alley hoop pass to Papagiannis (2-7). Nedovic was dominant in those first minutes scoring for three and serving some great passes to his teammates (2-10). Baskonia replied with their own 6-0 run (6-10) with Panathinaikos counting turnovers. Baskonia got their first lead of the night with Luca Vildoza (11-10) but Ioannis Papapetrou gave back the lead to Panathinaikos. Both teams went head-to-head until the end of the quarter but Panathinaikos finished it with a 3-point lead (20-23).

In the second quarter, Baskonia run a 9-0 score and got back on the leading position with 5 points (27-23) but Kaselakis with a three pointer brought Panathinaikos back on the gam leading by a single point (31-32). Alec Peters scored for three and brought Baskonia to a 36-32 score, with 4 minutes remaining until the end of the first half. Three free throws from Peters brought the score to 39-33 and Baskonia in front by six. Diop extended the lead for Baskonia (42-34) forcing coach Vovoras to a time-out for Panathinaikos. The Spanish club was functioning just as their coach wanted and ended the first half leading by 7 (46-39).

Photo: Euroleague Basketball

In the third quarter, Panathinaikos tried to play better defense and not let Baskonia work on what their coach had in mind. Papagiannis with the tip made the score 48-44 and brought Panathinaikos back on the game. With Baskonia playing full-court defense, Panathinaikos couldn’t avoid some turnovers that Baskonia didn’t take advantage of. Panathinaikos returned and brought the game back to a single point lead (50-49) forcing coach Ivanovic to a time-out. Pretty basketball by Baskonia on both ends of the court after the time out, with Panathinaikos being trapped and not able to function properly despite some individual efforts from Papapetrou (60-56). Baskonia managed to end the third quarter with an eight-point lead (66-58).

With Luca Vildoza firing for three in the beginning of the fourth quarter, Baskonia tried to extend the lead and secure the win (69-58). Panathinaikos couldn’t find the answers to Baskonia’s challenges and the players of coach Ivanovic kept extended their lead and keeping it to double digits (74-60). Baskonia kept doing their thing, never looked back and ended the fourth quarter and the game, 93-72.