Derrick Rose
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During the most recent episode of Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson live talk, long-time NBA star Rod Strickland opens up about his connection with the Detroit Pistons star guard Derrick Rose and what makes him unique in the NBA, via

“Derrick Rose is probably one of the best people I’ve ever been around in my entire life. One of the most humble guys. He is incredible, and I’ve watched him grow and mature. Derrick Rose reminded me a lot of me. He wasn’t really comfortable in the limelight. He didn’t really want to talk, and he just wanted to play basketball. Now that you hear him speak, he is comfortable.

Derrick Rose is a competitor, and he wants to be that guy. Once he got injured, he pushed a lot. He was trying to show people he was that MVP. When I watched him play, and I always told people that he didn’t lose his step, he could still jump. He might have lost a little vertical, but he didn’t lose much. Derrick Rose is Derrick Rose still to this day, he is one of the best,” Strickland said.

Rod Strickland was a great point guard in the 90s, and after some time together with the 2011 season MVP, when he helped Rose recover from his ACL injury, he saw the other side of him.

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