Bob Myers Warriors
Photo: Noah Graham/Getty Images

Bob Myers, the GM of the Golden State Warriors, shared his thoughts on what the mindset of the team is ahead of the 2020 NBA Draft.

Myers said the franchise’s target will be to pick a player that will help the Warriors build for the future, unless there is a win-now player available.

“There’s no Tim Duncan, where the guy is a senior and he is going to be great automatically and you win now and win for the next 20 years.

I think you owe it to the organization to build towards the future if there’s not an obvious win-now guy. If the win-now guy helps win four regular-season games, then what’s the point of that?

When you’re talking win now, for us, you’re really talking about winning in the playoffs, and what rookie is going to come in and help you win now in the playoffs?” the Warriors GM said, via East Bay Times.

The Warriors have the No.2 pick in the Draft, which will take place next Wednesday, November 18.