LeBron James Finals
Photo: Twitter/NBA

LeBron James initially was not in favor of the 2020/21 season starting on December 22, but changed his mind and eventually agreed.

The superstar of the Los Angeles Lakers changed his position, because it was ‘best for business’, according to Brian Windhorst of ESPN.

“LeBron initially pushed back against this, and subsequently, it’s been explained to me that LeBron changed his position. He crossed the aisle and said, ‘I’m okay going December 22nd even though I have to change my routines and I’m not happy about the short offseason because it’s the best thing for business.’

LeBron owes the NBA money right now. He owes them cash. As crazy as that is to say,” Windhorst said on his ESPN podcast, via RealGM.

James and the Lakers will have 71 days between Game 6 of the NBA Finals (October 11) and the start of the new season (December 22). This will be the shortest offseason in sports history in the United States.