Kevin Durant Bradley Beal
Photo: AP/Nick Wass

The Brooklyn Nets superstar Kevin Durant is one of the best players in the NBA. Some analysts even put him as the best. Former NBA star Stephon Marbury says Durant is special and he has never seen anybody like him.

In terms of mastering his craft, KD has already entered the airspace of Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan, according to Marbury.

“I’ve never seen anybody like Kevin Durant,” Marbury said on Ball Don’t Stop. “I remember watching Kevin Durant his first game in college when he was in Texas.

“And I called my brother and I was like ‘Yo, there’s this kid named Kevin Durant, he’s a freshman he won’t be there long.’ I said ‘he actually could leave right now.’ I said ‘when you put 10 or 15 pounds it would be over.’

“He was like ‘Oh, I got to check him out.’ Checked him out, looked at him. He was like “Yo, this kid is off the hook. He’s crazy.’

“We’ve never seen a guy at 6’10” handle the ball the way how he handles the basketball. It’s literally point guard skills. Everything that he does from his cross, from his hezy, everything. The thing that separates is he can shoot. When you can shoot from that far out that sets up everything.

“There’s no going under pick’n’roll on him. It’s not even a thought… I think he’s definitely in that realm with those guys that understand how to play the game and the functionality of.”