Anadolu Efes gets a much needed road win over Olympiacos in Larkin’s return

With Shane Larkin stepping back on the court, Anadolu Efes got the win over Olympiacos in Piraeus.

Shane Larkin Efes
Photo: Euroleague Basketball

With American guard Shane Larkin making his Euroleague debut for the season, Anadolu Efes got the win at the Peace and Friendship Stadium in Piraeus over Olympiacos, 84-79, on Friday night (30/10).

Vasilije Micic was the top scorer for Anadolu Efes with 20 points whilst Shane Larkin added 15 in his first game of the season, along with Rodrigue Beaubois, who scored another 15. For Olympiacos, Hassan Martin was the leading scorer with 11 points with Shaquielle McKissic and Kostas Sloukas adding 10 each.

The Match

From the very first minutes of the game, Anadolu Efes played tough defense trying to limit Olympiacos’ offensive efforts. Olympiacos didn’t have issues finding alternative options to score and with a big three from Kostas Papanikolaou and six in total, tied the game (8-8). Two missed free throws from Shaquielle McKissic gave Anadolu Efes the chance to get a four-point lead in the first quarter (10-14) and even make it a five point lead later on (12-17) with five minutes remaining. With Bryant Dunston having two blocks in the first quarter, Anadolu Efes took advantage of their chances and ended the first quarter.

In the second quarter, the guests run a 6-0 to get a safe ine-point lead and putting Olympiacos into trouble. Efes played great defense and managed to extend their lead and take the difference between the two teams in double digits (29-41). For a couple of minutes, none of the teams could really create score finishing the quarter and the first half ended with Anadolu Efes leading by six, (38-44).

Photo: Euroleague Basketball

In the third quarter, Olympiacos managed to get back on the game and make a single point match (43-44) with a three-point shot from Sasha Vezenkov. The team from Piraeus went ahead on the score later on (47-44) with two consecutive baskets from Shaquielle McKissic, who brought the missing energy back on the team. Efes tied the game (47-47) and got back the lead with Vasilije Micic scoring for three (47-50). Some unsuccessful offensive efforts from the “Reds” and Efes’ pressure, gave the lead back to the Turkish side to end the third quarter (57-63).

Olympiacos tried their best in the fourth and final quarter to get back on the game. The players of coach Bartzokas were trailing 63–75 with 4:47 remaining, but went close 70–75 and 73–77 with two minutes left, after a big three-point shot from captain Vassilis Spanoulis. Efes managed to stay concentrated and take a much-needed road win, 79-84.